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Lance Henriksen is 81 and Still Rocking

Lance Henriksen, the legendary actor known worldwide for the role of Bishop in the Alien film franchise, and of Frank Black in the FOX Millennium television series, continues his career at a great pace, even if the age is not on his side.

Lance Henriksen is 81 and Still Rocking

He has just turned 81 (May 5th) but the vitality of this actor is admirable. These are the new upcoming movies he will be starring in:
Acre Beyond the Rye (announced) as Dr. Bradford Weeks, Room 19 (pre-production) as Daniel, Awaken (post-production) as Jack, One (post-production) as Pastor Jesse Davidson, and 2021 Alpha Rift (completed) as Corbin.

For this man, who fought against Alien already in 1986, these 35 years have brought some more white hair but his enthusiasm, not even the bad Alien was able to extinguish it.

His career, therefore, continues inexorably and we wish all the best to this fantastic actor capable of thrilling us with his performances on the big screen.

For those who don’t know, this great actor has also given voice to many video game characters including:
General Shepherd in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) and Fleet Admiral Steven Hackett (as well as the Narl) in BioWare’s Mass Effect video game trilogy (2007-2012).

In short, surely, Lance is not scared to work…keep rocking man!

Lance Henriksen is 81 and Still Rocking

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