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Late Last Night is Louisiana Claude’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
here we go with another amazing single ‘Late Last Night’ by Louisiana Claude taken from his marvelous album ‘You’re too Good to Hide‘.

This blues song has a rhythmic cadence that can literally charge you with vital energy.

As soon as I hit the play button I started dancing in the room and let myself be carried away by the repetitive and hypnotic progression of this beautiful song.

This tune is an experience and in some moments I felt like a cobra in front of its trainer and I followed the melody of the voice with rapid movements of the neck.

The sincerity of Louisiana Claude’s songs is absolutely fantastic, an artist who just follows his instincts without worrying about commercial compositional rules.

This is the music that I like, the one that comes from the heart of the artist and that is made to give a moment of happiness to the listeners.

Late Last Night is Louisiana Claude’s Single Out Now!



“Late Last Night” is a hard-driving Chicago blues song about a man who is caught in a wild triangle love affair with the woman next door.

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