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Let Me Out is The Birdman Cult’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
The Birdman Cult are unstoppable and they are back with a new song Let Me Out. Are you ready for this rocking ride?

Let Me Out is The Birdman Cult’s Single | Indie Music

I like the sound of this band. With this song, these guys take us on a journey to the roots.

When after a while you return to the place where you were born. You don’t know anyone anymore but you still feel at home.

Those smells, colors, are able to bring back distant memories. Let Me Out unleashes emotions in typical English style… wild, irreverent, and free.

I really enjoyed the sound of the distorted guitar with its powerful and acidic sound.

The vocal interpretation in some moments reminded me of Lou Reed. The Birdman Cult always raise the bar and this hypnotic song brings with it influences from the Ramones and the Velvet Underground.

This tune manages to create a peculiar feeling and that Let Me Out shouted at the end makes you want to break the invisible chains that prevent you from being truly yourself.

Let Me Out is The Birdman Cult’s Single Out Now!

Wild Ride!

Let Me Out is The Birdman Cult’s Single | Indie Music

About the track, frontman Joe explains; “ Let Me Out’ was born out of a visit to my hometown in the North East of England, feeling like an outsider in the place that raised me, being reminded of an old version of myself and realizing the impact a place can have on a person. Good or bad, for many there’s an innate want to leave the place they were born. The song is meant to be an appreciative nod to a town much like a
friend that I’ve outgrown but remains to be on my mind constantly”.

The band have been gaining momentum in 2022 and are planning on an Ep in the winter.

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