Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Letters to The Devil is FiveSidedDice's EP
Letters to The Devil is FiveSidedDice’s EP

Good Day Noir Family,
another intense work by this great punk band.

Letters to The Devil is FiveSidedDice’s EP

FiveSidedDice’s sound has evolved becoming more futuristic and Avant-Garde in my opinion.

The ability to mix different genres and make them coexist together has always been the strong point of this band.

Rage Against The Machine, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182, etc just seem like the ingredients in the hands of a visionary chef who throws them into a pot bubbling with creativity and ideas.

The FiveSidedDice’s musical circus is glamorous, sinister, and brilliantly grotesque. The finale of Icy Liars with that legendary classical sonata is a superlative intuition. Absolutely unexpected and fantastic.

You have to listen to these songs from start to finish because you might miss a gem…and this Ep is full of gems.

Listening to FiveSidedDice’s music is like reading a book, each tune is a chapter. The mood and style change but the story remains captivating from the first to the last page.

It’s always a good experience listening to this band.

Letters to The Devil is FiveSidedDice’s EP Out Now!


Letters to The Devil is FiveSidedDice’s EP

Corrupting Souls for a Living” is a song about falling back down into unhealthy habits, following a conversation with the devil. It touches on feelings of violent apathy and follows the tale of a short-lived anti-hero who is destined to die and join the ranks within hell. It has a playful pop punk sound but dabbles with dark subject matter, juxtaposing the feelings of hopelessness and apathy with feelings of hope and fun.

Hellbound” is a continuation of the opening track, following the protagonist through his misadventures of sex, nihilism, violence, apathy, and eventually death. It is a rap metal song inspired and akin to modern artists such as King 810 and Limp Bizkit.

Icy Liars” is a song about the EP’s protagonist realizing that everyone is moving on without him, leaving him behind. It is about being disposable and easily replaceable, realizing that we are all just passer-bys in our friends and partners lives, and that all we truly have is our own souls and ourselves. It also touches on feelings of misanthropy, rumours and gossip, as well as social isolation.

Something to Take Me Away” is a composition surrounding the need to escape ones body through any means necessary. It is about escaping heartbreak, thoughts of suicide, feelings of loss and loneliness, as well as ones own general thoughts. It also touches on lost relationships that may have once brought peace and quiet.

She Lays Awake” is a song about the characters memories and nostalgic feelings towards a lost love and a simpler time, realizing that nothing will be the same ever again and he is now on his own, facing his demons and dreaming of a more peaceful time with a lover.

Muse” is a blues and indie inspired rock track, featuring Gary Gossman of Standard Jack, which discusses the frustration any artist feels when they have lost all sense of inspiration. The protagonist is wishing his ‘muse’ would return to him and he would able to compose and write something meaningful with much more ease and stop recycling old patterns, melodies, and chords.

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