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Life In 3 is Strangely Alright’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Strangely Alright in the past but they are back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Life In 3 is Strangely Alright’s Single | Indie Music

The atmosphere of this new song immediately transported me to another universe.

I saw myself on the beach by the sea and saw the umbrellas moved by the wind as an unknown planet approached the earth.

For some reason, the vibes of this song reminded me of the Black Hole Sun video style. The tune is different but it seems to hide something mysterious, a secret inside.

Strangely Alright is a fantastic song, flawlessly played by all band members. An epic and magical ballad.

The Uuuu rocked me as I witnessed the end of the world.

This band had already impressed me the first time I listened to them but this time it raised the bar even more.

Go listen to Strangely Alright you will be amazed by the quality of their music.

Life In 3 is Strangely Alright’s Single Out Now!


Life In 3 is Strangely Alright’s Single | Indie Music

Life In 3 is the latest SA offering, and what a glorious beast it is too. Slow, languid, and lovely, drifting on retro sonic winds but floating over a contemporary soundscape. Yes, it is full of lush harmonies and a slow, sensual Summer of Love pop vibe, shimmering psychedelic guitars and Doorsian poeticism, trippy loucheness, and a warm embrace, but you can see it appealing to the modern mass market too. Perhaps because the discerning, modern listener has been starved of such great sounds and adventurous composition for so long, perhaps because it is a great song no matter what era you find yourself in.

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