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Life in the Bog is Alec Berlin’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
Alec Berlin’s Ep Life in the Bog is out now…are you ready for this new musical experience?

Life in the Bog is Alec Berlin’s Ep

It is always a pleasure when I see that new music from this talented musician has been released.

The new Ep Life in the Bog demonstrates once again the creativity of Alec Berlin. An intense musical product that investigates the various emotions hidden in the human soul.

You experience introspective vibes with Life in the Bog and then you move to more sunny atmospheres like in What I Wish I Had Said up to the experimentation of Iota (Not One).

These songs are a roller coaster of emotions, they take you to heaven and then they also make you see the abyss.

Alec Berlin is like Virgil with Dante in the Divine Comedy and leads you to discover a parallel universe… he is a guide that helps you face the unknown that is within us.

Close your eyes and abandon yourself to this river of notes, he will take you to fascinating places.

Life in the Bog is Alec Berlin’s Ep Out Now!


Life in the Bog is Alec Berlin’s Ep

“Life in the Bog” is a dark, moody song that travels to the places less visited.

After more than two decades as an in-demand sideman on stages and in studios of all sizes, Berlin has made an album that combines his love of concise pop-rock songwriting with his expertise as a guitarist to make a record that celebrates both.

Berlin describes Space Punk and Other Junk, his fourth release, as “instrumental singer-songwriter music. These songs speak the vernacular of tight rock and pop composition, so you’d expect them to have words. But it’s instrumental music.”

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