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Listen to Kurt Cobain’s Rare Home Recordings

Everyone misses the legendary Kurt Cobain who changed an entire generation with his music and still inspires kids today.

An irreverent, brilliant, and wild singer-songwriter who managed to give voice to the pain of a generation, that of the 90s, which wanted to start making itself heard.

Listen to Kurt Cobain’s Rare Home Recordings

Kurt Cobains’ Rare Demos Playlist

Kurt’s incredible voice and his, out of this world, screaming abilities, which sometimes sounded like an angry cat, have literally driven kids crazy all over the world.

But how his songs were conceived?

We have found some home recordings of Kurt Cobain‘s demos made before Nivana was successful.

At that time it was not as easy as it is today to record a track. You would put a cassette in a stereo and start recording the first track, then you would pass the cassette over to another stereo and put a new cassette and record the second track, and so on.

Listen to Kurt Cobain's Rare Home Recordings

Although the quality of the recording is not perfect, even so, the compositional talent of Kurt Cobain is evident.

The interesting thing is that you can see how the leader of Nirvana freely recorded everything that went through his mind. By doing so he was able to create many ideas and then maybe one of them would inspire him to compose an actual song.

Listen to Kurt Cobain’s Rare Home Recordings

This instinctive and free compositional process allowed him to make the foundation of a new genre as he did not follow commercial rules but only what his soul was capable of suggesting to him.

It is interesting to note how hypnotic repetitiveness was already a hallmark of his way of composing. Those insistently shouted words that manage to punch a hole in the listener’s skull and stay there for a long time … buzzing you almost to the point of driving you mad.

This was the secret of Nirvana, the catchiness, the powerful sound, and the repetitiveness.

Obviously, the immense success of Nirvana was only possible thanks to the great charisma of this fantastic artist.

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