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Little Babylon is The Roadside Bandits Project’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed The Roadside Bandits Project in the past but he is out now with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

The melody of the new single by this talented artist immediately fascinated me and made me think of a crazy comparison … Abba meeting Alice in Chains .

I heard Abba in the melodic nuances of the line “Last days” line on Babylon “and Alice in Chains in some passages of the chord progression.

Undoubtedly this artist has a lot of experience and he is able to produce original and very well-thought-out music.

The production is perfect, I must say that Little Babylon is a very good single and I think it will stand out and get noticed by the masses.

This artist always manages to amaze me by creating deep and masterfully performed and composed music

Little Babylon is The Roadside Bandits Project’s Single Out Now!

Innovative and Mature!

Quote: “Watch out Boris Johnson! The project’s main-man, Santi Arribas, has joined forces once again with singer Julian Casewell to deliver a rock blues guitar-driven track that exposes the excesses and contempt of a government at a time when a whole nation is afflicted by the devastating effects of the Coronavirus. The song draws a sombre parallel with the lives and myths of historical figures such as Nero and Marie Antoinette. It’s a tale of extremes, cheese and wine parties, and very expensive wallpaper”.

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