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Live at Black Barn is Lapels’ New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
The musical path of this band is truly fascinating. The hard work of the Lapels is paying off and they are starting to get great results. Their music is listened to by more and more people and this Ep Live at Black Barn demonstrates their continuous artistic growth.

Live at Black Barn is Lapels’ New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

It’s nice to see the progress of the bands you’ve been following for some time. Lapels fearlessly continue their artistic path.

I must say that their compositional style has become very refined, it is as if these guys have realized how good they are. It is like when an athlete is finally able to become aware of his abilities and begins to win.

The new Ep Live at Black Barn is a refined sound product. Rhythms that at times made me think of Jazz and Funky while always maintaining that rock vein.

Like chefs, the Lapels have managed to mix different musical ingredients in a coherent way. In some passages, the vocal lines reminded me of those of Oasis.

The chemistry between the band members has increased and the resulting sound is mature and solid.

Lapels will do great things I’m sure about it.

Live at Black Barn is Lapels’ Ep Out Now!

Solid and Mature!

Live at Black Barn is Lapels’ New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

Following their signing to Marquee Records in ’21, Lapels, the indie/rock band from Derby have snowballed enviable critical acclaim through their compelling live shows and first x3 single releases. Now for summer ’22, Lapels step onto the global stage with a debut EP recorded at Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studios; ‘Live at Black Barn’ is released on 29 July. As headliners at the first ever MICANNES music conference in Cannes in June, Lapels are firmly stamping an indelible footprint on the international stage.

A one-off taster of the Lapels’ live experience, the debut EP showcases x3 new and original tracks from the boys. Serving up the BritPop/indie/mod fusion, that we now recognise as the Lapel signature sound, the band treat audiences to a masterpiece in live music. From the ridiculously catchy ‘Back To Beginnings’, the cheeky Blur-esque ‘Early Morning Rain’, right through to ‘Time Is Ours’, which hints of a melodic downtempo nod to the Beatles – each track has been handpicked to highlight the multi-faceted dimensions of Lapels. Produced by Michael Smith, the EP was recorded at Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studios during the spring of ’22.

Lapels also head to their MICANNES international debut showcase, in their new slimline 3-piece line up. Audiences in Cannes will be the first to dive into the quintessential indie Britishness of Lapels live – new material, slimline line-up – Lapels are ready for ya world!

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