Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Lizzo covers Rammstein's Du Hast
Lizzo covers Rammstein’s Du Hast

R&B artist and rapper Lizzo has been making waves this week with her cover of German metal band Rammstein‘s 1997 classic “Du Hast.”

Lizzo shared the song on Monday, and it’s been gaining momentum ever since — even reaching No. 1 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart.

Lizzo covers Rammstein’s Du Hast

The cover is just one of the many ways Lizzo has been paying homage to the group, whose members include Till Lindemann, Richard Z. Kruspe and Paul Landers. She’s also been wearing their shirts on Instagram and had them perform at her concert in Brooklyn earlier this year.

Lizzo has become known for her unique style, blending genres like electronica, pop and hip-hop into her own style of music that she calls “SLAYLOVE.” Her latest album Cuz I Love You features songs like “Juice” and “Truth Hurts,” both of which have made it onto Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. She’s often described as “a breath of fresh air” because she defies the traditional conventions of hip-hop music and instead creates her own style that resonates with millions of fans across the world.

Rammstein has been around since 1995 when founding members Richard Z Kruspe (guitar) and Oliver Riedel (bass) teamed up with Florian Schneider (keyboards) and Christian Lorenz (drums). Christoph Schneider joined as drummer later on in 1996 after he left his former band Feeling B who had just disbanded at that time (he did not play drums for Feeling B but was

Lizzo covers Rammstein’s Du Hast

Rammstein formed in 1994 in Berlin, the band consists of Till Lindemann (vocals), Richard Z. Kruspe (lead guitar), Paul Landers (rhythm guitar), Oliver Riedel (electric bass), Christoph Schneider (drums) and Christian Lorenz (keyboard).Their controversial performances, which include fire breathing, fireworks, flaming costumes and pyrotechnics are an unimaginable experience to see live.

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