Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Looking For Love is Numbers Don't Count's Single Out Now
Looking For Love is Numbers Don’t Count’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Numbers Don’t Count in the past but they are back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Looking For Love is Numbers Don’t Count’s Single Out Now

A song that puts you in a good mood with those 60s vibes.

As soon as I pressed the play button I imagined driving a red Cadillac convertible and wandering the streets of the city.

A thousand dreams in my head and the sun illuminating my face…but in the distance, there is also an ominous cloud.

Life is a roller coaster of emotions and the protagonist of this song knows it well. Although this tune is cheerful at first glance, by listening to the lyrics you realize that there is something more.

Do you remember those tight smiles of Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden? Those frames can describe the feeling I felt listening to this song.

The semblance of happiness is only superficial but inside there is a monster lurking that does not leave the protagonist alone.

I really like Numbers Don’t Count and I recommend them once again to everyone. Their artistic vision and their compositional approach are by no means banal and obvious.

Looking For Love is Numbers Don’t Count’s Single Out Now!


Looking For Love is Numbers Don’t Count’s Single Out Now

‘Looking for Love’ is the final single before our upcoming album.

“The 60s-inspired sound paired with modern Indie vibes creates an uplifting song that perfectly matches this time of year. It’s one of those songs you start your day with when the sun is shining through your window and you feel spring has finally found its way to you. At the same time, the song’s subject matter is more on the dark side of things, as the song’s protagonist ultimately remains unsuccessful in his endeavor to find the love he is looking for while he stays entangled in long-lost dreams of happiness leaving him with nothing but questions.”

Marian and his bandmate Marcel, grew up in the countryside of North-West Germany, only a few kilometers apart from one another having no idea of each other’s existence. Both felt that the peace and quiet of their home towns allowed for their reflective moods to grow, and, at the same time; they both always craved bigger avenues of expression.

In the search for a musical language, Marian and Marcel dipped their toes into different music scenes in the USA and Germany until they met in Berlin in 2017. Equipped with their love for acoustic guitars they set out to play the streets and bars of the city. When they realized that their songs were meant to sound like a full band set-up they teamed up with the local recording studio The Famous Gold Watch.

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