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Lost is Roger Ricks’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed this Artist in the past now but he is out with a new single

Lost is Roger Ricks’ Single

The guitar riff won me over from the first seconds. As soon as I started listening to this song I felt vibes like when I listen to Bon Jovi’s “It’s my life”.

An energetic song with an irresistible groove… this is pure rock with no strings attached.

Roger Ricks’ compositional skills are unquestionable. The attention to every minimum detail is obsessive. The musical arrangements are fantastic.

The guitar work is incredible and the harmonic construction of this new song is perfect.

I honestly found no flaws, a track that should already be at the top of the rock charts and proves once more that we are dealing with a great artist.

10 out of 10.

Lost is Roger Ricks’ Single Out Now!

Intense and Epic!

Lost is Roger Ricks’ Single

The new Song is a Charity-Song and the proceeds getting donated to kids in need. Music can change the world and thats the Mission of my Songs. I’m a Soloartist from Switzerland and produce the tracks in my own studio. the lyrics of the song are from my very talented friend Emme Pierre. For an unknown artist like me it is hard increase the reach of my music. Thats why it would be fantastic to get your support to spread the news, that there is a guy in Switzerland, who wants to use his music for a good cause. The Idea behind is: every stream is a small donation and the you can donate money to children in need just by listening to music…. will you help me on that mission? thank you very very much! cheers Roger


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