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Lost Song is I Panic’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I Panic is unstoppable and today is entertaining us with a new cool song.

Lost Song is I Panic’s Single

The depth of this artist’s soul knows no end. His artistic vision is so complete and sincere that he always manages to excite.

I Panic isn’t afraid to show his emotions to people. This demonstrates great freedom of mind… there are no limits for this artist.

The new single Lost Song got me excited. A nostalgic melody like raindrops falling on the window.

A delicate and refined tune that transfers a sense of tranquility and that manages to open the drawers of memory… frames of distant adventures passing before your eyes.

I Panic is not here to seek success, he just wants to give the audience a meaningful moment. Every song is a little poem that must be kept in your heart.

10 out of 10!

Lost Song is I Panic’s Single Out Now!


Lost Song is I Panic’s Single

“My latest release Lost Song captures the relatable nostalgic, yet happy, and contemplating feelings one can have while staring out of a window, inspired by the picture used in the artwork. Merging influences of chansons and rock akin to David Bowie and The Beatles, it takes you along various moods typical for this season, providing an alternative to Christmas songs.”

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