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Lover is Under Delusion’s Album Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
Under Delusion are unstoppable and they are back with a full Album titled “Lover”…let’s see what we have here 🙂

I really liked the mysterious vibes of this album. The atmosphere is sexy and hypnotic and some songs made me think of James Bond movies… by the way the singer could be a Bond Girl for sure.

This band is exceptional. I am impressed with how they managed to create a unique style, so unmistakable that makes them so original.

I have noticed that Under Delusion are growing in popularity and I believe that they deserve it for the high quality of the music they offer. I’ve listened to a lot of their songs and at the moment I haven’t found one that I don’t like yet.

Lover has bewitched me because it has an incredible charm and all the songs in this album are solid. Maybe it’s for the compositional style or for the magnificent vocal interpretation … anyway, all the musical ingredients in these tunes are perfect.

Lover is Under Delusion’s Album Out Now!

Sinuous and Intriguing!


Featuring the nostalgic weight of electronic rock, akin to the dreamy, euphoric late-night anthems of a simpler time, with their renowned female-lead injecting a clear edge of modern identity, ‘Lover’ softly pierces through the current landscape with melodic purity, cascading synths, and the passionate crash of drums.

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