Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Lover Lover is Brendan Lane's Single Out Now
Lover Lover is Brendan Lane’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Brendan Lane in the past but he is out now with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

As soon as I pressed the play button my arm rose towards the sky with the horns raised.

This rock is sincere and direct and awakens your wildest spirit. Brendan Lane is not here to joke around and his music is as direct as a punch in the face. The lyrics are deep and they help you hold on even when you have big mountains in front of you to cross.

I’ve seen myself riding a Harley Davidson through the endless American roads with no destination in mind, one of those days when you just want to feel free.

I recommend listening to the songs of this artist to start the day well, with the right energy. This music charges you and makes you feel alive like a Mustang running on the prairie.

The production is excellent and especially the mix that extrudes the blood and sweat that this music brings with it.

Absolutely recommended!

Lover Lover is Brendan Lane’s Single Out Now!

Pure Emotions!


This song was written out of frustration. A deep frustration and helplessness felt from watching loved ones fall victim to addition and drug habits. Brendan lane explained, “We hope this story will be able to open dialogues between family members and friends who feel frustrated watching their loved ones grapple with this insatiable problem.” The song also features Brazilian virtuosity, Pedro, on lead guitar. Adding soulful flavors to match the pain in the vocals, Pedro and his guitar makes this song complete.

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