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Lovetrain is Ruebi’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
Ruebi is back with a new interesting song. This artist always manages to amaze with his original creativity.

Lovetrain is Ruebi’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The groove of this song is solid and repetitive. The pattern repeats itself and has the ability to hypnotize you.

It looks like a train running on the tracks … a perfect artistic choice given the title of the song.

The melody line is minimalist but with slight harmonic variations, it manages to create the right atmosphere.

Lovetrain is a mysterious tune with nostalgic overtones. The fluctuating emotions that love creates within us are described by this song.

Ruebi created his musical world. His music stands out from the crowd for the uniqueness of his compositional approach.

While I was listening to Lovetrain I closed my eyes I imagined myself looking at the German countryside, from the window of a train, running quickly in front of my eyes on a rainy day.

Memories and emotions pervaded my mind emphasized by this magical track. Another great song from this eclectic artist.

Lovetrain is Ruebi’s Single Out Now!


Lovetrain is Ruebi’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Quote: “I always like interesting weird stuff. This song is about the weird stalking of an Ex-girlfriend. always a little funny like a caricature?

I make music since I have been 16,5 Years I played Drums. I play a little bit of Guitar and Keyboard. I’m a pretty strong and good Bass player and I played in a well-known Post Punk Band for years and almost around the World. I had to leave the Band because of the Pandemic.

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