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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Lucie Lynch

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Lucie Lynch. I discovered this artist while shuffling songs on Youtube and I was fascinated by her passionate singing.

While listening to Lucie Lynch you are immediately transported to an island in the middle of the Pacific and you find yourself on the beach contemplating the beauty of the vastness of the sea.

Airy music that creates ancestral vibrations, music to raise your soul to the unknown.

These songs are acts of love, unconditional love.

Therapeutic music for the soul a hymn to life, a hymn to Gaia, being present in the moment and appreciating all that surrounds us.

You can hear the passion in the voice and melodies of Lucie Lynch, a complete artist capable of arousing strong emotions with her deep and sincere lyrics.

Lucie Lynch’s music is an endless journey between what we know and what we will understand. This artist tries to give us elements to better understand our path.

The production of the songs is excellent and all the musical elements find the right space in a perfect and harmonic balance.

Yes I Can (Feat. Nick Gertson) is Lucie Lynch’s Single Out Now!

Music for the soul!


Quote: ” ‘Yes I Can’ is medicine to help all of us call forth a brighter new year in 2021! We hope that you enjoy the song as much as we enjoyed working with Grammy-nominated producer Imua Garza to create this piece”.

Lucie Lynch is a Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Artist, Sound Healer, and Playwright with an angelic voice and wry sense of humor.

Lucie’s singer/songwriter work is influenced by Joni Mitchell, Ben Harper, and Joan Baez, taking audiences on a journey through a world filled with wry observation, laughter, and exploration of the soul. Lucie has opened as a solo artist for international cult band ‘Marillion’, is a regular many of Hawaii’s favorite venues.

Lucie & The Perfect Wave is unique blend of Canadian slack-key guitarist Michael Tanenbaum’s mystical celtic sounds, Swedish heavy-metal guitarist Nick Gertsson’s unique melodic voicings, and Lucie’s powerful vocals. The band released its new EP in June 2018.

“Money Talks: But What the Hell is it Saying?” is the award-winning musical about love, money & self-worth that is taking audiences by storm. The two-woman musical show is written, produced & performed by Lucie Lynch and Marcia Zina Mager, featuring the talented Alan Okuye on keys.

Lucie studied theatre and musical in Germany at the Schauspielstudio (University of Performing Arts) in Hamburg, Germany. She wrote, produced & performed the one-woman musical called ‘Gabrielle’s Universe’ for several years throughout Germany (the story of a neurotic secretary who marries her typewriter in search of true love), before living out of her backpack as a Travelpoet, while traveling the world.

Her musical arts have all been described as “healing”, “transformative” and “divine”; this transcendent quality is perhaps best expressed in her most recent Soundbath work. “We are all energy, frequency, and vibration,” as Lucie likes to remind us.
She currently lives in Honolulu with her black labrador named Bouncer.


Find Lucie Lynch Here:


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