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Machine Learning is Ceyeo’s Album | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Ceyeo in the past but he is out now with a new cool album and I want to share my opinion about it.

Machine Learning is Ceyeo’s Album | Indie Music

The creativity of this artist manifests itself in a wonderful way in this magnificent album.

When you can hear more songs of an artist one after the other you can really understand his musical vision. Ceyeo with this complete and varied album manages to make the listener understand his universe and he takes you inside.

An experience that I recommend everyone to do, as rap coexists with 80’s alternative rock. A combination that would seem out of tune but which, thanks to Ceyeo’s great ability, is harmoniously balanced in his Machine Learning.

The album is wisely titled so because these songs seem like codes to make artificial intelligence understand the great human creativity, which ranges and ventures into various genres in order to express their emotions.

An interesting album, an innovative artistic concept.

Machine Learning is Ceyeo’s Album Out Now!


Machine Learning is Ceyeo’s Album | Indie Music

‘Machine Learning’ was conceived and started in September 2021, near the end of the covid pandemic. The track, ‘Not Better,’ takes the perspective of a person suffering from mental anxiety. ‘Let’s Go Out,’ reflects the optimism that the pandemic will not last forever and things will get back to normal.

The spirit of balance continues through the album’s remaining 8 songs, with a mix of energetic happiness and redemption (‘Salana,’ ‘Summer Love,’ ‘Broken’). Darker topics such as death (‘Tops,’ ‘Generations’). As well as a number of songs calling for social justice that cover topics such as race (‘U Can’t Hide’), the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community (‘Trying’) and my take on corporate greed.

Regardless of the changes in mood, and even musical genres (the album moves from post-punk and prog rock to hip hop and R&B), I tried hard to ensure that the album ties everything together with its depth of musicality, attention to the craft of songwriting and attention to lyrics.

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