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Måneskin The Italian Rock Band That Is Conquering The World

They are called Måneskin and come from Rome, a city that knows a lot about victories and conquests. They became famous all over the world after their victory at Eurovision Song Contest.

Måneskin The Italian Rock Band That Is Conquering The World

A sound that in some tunes recalls the great classic rock of the 70s and that in other songs comes close to a much more modern approach.

This band has found its way even before they even figured out where to turn.

At the moment these guys are open to anything and let themselves be carried away by the overwhelming success that has stormed them in the last year after the victory at the Eurovision Song Contest.

A band that is not new to winning contests and festivals, in fact in March they had already won the Sanremo festival, a very important music festival in Italy.

These guys have clear ideas on how to present themselves to the world and they do it in an unscrupulous and wild way.

Måneskin The Italian Rock Band That Is Conquering The World

In addition to some very catchy songs these guys have focused a lot on the look that obviously for today’s music is very important. It seems that to take care of the style of the band is the bassist of the band Victoria De Angelis who in addition to composing the music of songs together with the guitarist Thomas Raggi likes to play with clothes.

The addition of Damiano David on vocals and Ethan Torchio on drums completed the formation and apparently, all the stars have aligned for these guys.

The world of music hides something magical. Every day 50,000 songs are published on Spotify and only a small percentage of these will manage to have some plays and fans.

The Måneskin who in 2015 were playing around the streets of Rome today take a large share of global streaming and have in fact reached more than 30,000,000 plays on Spotify which, speaking of money, are about 120,000 dollars a month.

If we then add the royalties of other platforms, plus the live shows and the merchandising we realize the great business that this band has managed to create.

My hope is that they haven’t signed a bad contract, which often happens to bands that have received notoriety from a talent show. In fact, Måneskin made themselves known first in Italy and then in the world after participating in Xfactor.

In particular, the singer Damiano with his physicality, ability to stay on stage, and his warm and rough voice had immediately made many girls fall in love.

Now only the sky is the limit, surely few would have expected that the revival of rock at a global level could come from Italy but everything seems to point in this direction.

We hope that the ego of the individual elements will not prevail over the good of the band, because the project Måneskin works as a band and it is difficult to think of other scenarios at the moment.

They are young and have already had a lot of “satisfaction”, we wish them good luck and above all to make good songs because in the end that is the only thing that matters.

The image is important but it dies with you, the music remains forever and we Edgar Allan Poets know this very well.

Keep Rocking, always and forever!

Måneskin The Italian Rock Band That Is Conquering The World

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