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Man’s Best Friend is Alec Berlin’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
as you know I have been following Alec Berlin’s artistic path for a while now. He has just dropped a new album that also includes tunes I’ve reviewed before. That’s why today I want to focus on the track that gives the title to the album Man’s Best Friend.

Man’s Best Friend is Alec Berlin’s Album

The acoustic guitar that introduces this song is already something very unusual for Berlin’s compositional style.

The energy builds up slowly, the electric guitar enters first with a beautiful sequence of notes and then the song continues to grow while the other instruments join the conversation.

Minute 1.20 first “Berlinians” change of atmosphere. The wild ride starts from there and you find yourself in a progressive universe with veils from the 80s.

When you think you have the song under control, you are again on quicksand in the bridge around 2.45 minutes which introduces jazz elements.

Just a few seconds to let you catch your breath before the new change. A moment of ecstasy and chaotic joy that put me in a good mood…like when the dog runs in the park after the flies.

This song made me feel like I was in central park on a beautiful sunny day.

The ending is the icing on the cake that reminded me of the intro of an old Italian song, Il Pescatore by Fabrizio De André.

In short, this song has a little bit of everything in it. Alec Berlin’s genius is being able to create a coherent musical progression that leaves me enchanted every time.

Man’s Best Friend is Alec Berlin’s Album Out Now!

Superlative and Visionary!

Man’s Best Friend is Alec Berlin’s Album

“Man’s Best Friend” is an unconventional song that weaves together familiar elements to take the listener on a journey. By turns peaceful and energetic, soothing and exciting, once “Man’s Best Friend” hooks you you won’t be able to turn it off!

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