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Marry You is I Panic’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
a touching and intriguing love tune this time for I Panic.

Marry You is I Panic’s Single Out Now

A song that made me think of the 80s when the songs were still very articulated in terms of arrangements and chord progression.

I was fascinated by the lyrics of this track because it demonstrates once again how I Panic is not at all obvious. A song for Valentine’s Day that says “I don’t want to marry you” is brilliant.

The tune is about love but takes the subject from a different, uncommon side. This is the beauty of this artist’s songs, he always manages to inspire you by creating new horizons…and making you see things from another perspective.

I Panic isn’t afraid to say what he thinks and to share his deepest emotions with the world. Few artists have this ability and that’s why I appreciate his music so much.

Marry You is a beautiful song, different from the usual and therefore fantastic!

Marry You is I Panic’s Single Out Now!

Different and Inspiring!

Marry You is I Panic’s Single Out Now

On Valentine’s Day, I Panic releases Marry You, a love song with a twist. Musically it blends soft rock, with even a touch of jazz, and alternative rock, with an anthemic, art rock chorus, and a timeless melody. Influences of David Bowie, Joe Jackson & Elvis Costello are clear. The song tells the story of someone who prefers choosing each day again to be with the one he loves, rather than marrying her, using some known cliches but in a new, twisted way. It is written & self-produced by I Panic.

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