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Maximum Overdrive King Hates It

Maximum Overdrive is the only movie written and directed by Steven King.

Maximum Overdrive King Hates It

Stephen King has never denied how badly Maximum Overdrive turned out, and that he regrets the final product. King has also insisted he has no plans to ever direct another movie, although one wonders if a now sober King could pull it off.

Even if this is a pretty weird movie, we personally like it a lot…Do you like Maximum Overdrive? Let us know in the comments!

It is June 19, 1987, the conjunction of the Earth with the tail of a comet creates havoc on our planet.

On the day of the intersection, inexplicably mysterious things start happening, a bank ATM insulting a customer (played by King himself); a mobile bridge that opens without being commanded causing a large rear-end collision; a soda machine throwing cans at a baseball coach and kids on a sports field; a steamroller killing one of the boys; an electric knife that causes a wound on the arm of a waitress at a diner; a video game strikes a thief who is stealing coins; a parked truck with the face of the green elf on the radiator runs over and overwhelms the driver in front of the Dixie Boy service station.

Here all the characters of the film converge the evil manager who transformed the basement into a weapons depot; a waitress; a bibles seller with a hitchhiker he gave a ride to; two newlyweds on their honeymoon; a boy who escaped by bicycle from the sports field, the son of a worker at the service station himself killed by one of the trucks.

Everyone witnesses in disbelief the crazy trucks, which travel without a driver; to the gusts of a mysterious machine gun (which, using the Morse alphabet, requires to refuel all the trucks circulating in the area, creating a very long queue) and other things out of the ordinary, until they manage to escape the encirclement thanks to the sewer system and to get to safety on a boat, waiting for the conjunction of the Earth with the comet to end.

Maximum Overdrive King Hates It

The credits tell us that two days after the escape, a UFO was destroyed by a Soviet “weather satellite”, accidentally equipped with laser cannon and nuclear missiles.

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