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The Pink Floyd Shrimp Kills With Sound

Many legends surround Pink Floyd, starting from their epic mixer up to the concert in San Marco’s Square in Venice (Italy). It is even said that they once played so loud that they killed all the fish in a pond nearby.

The Pink Floyd Shrimp Kills With Sound

It is on the basis of this legend that the study group led by Arthur Anker, of the Brazilian Federal University of Goias, decided to rename the new species of shrimp discovered “The Synalpheus Pinkfloydi.”

Belonging to the Synalpheus family, the Pink Floyd shrimp is part of the gun shrimp, a particular species with a Pink claw much larger than the other.

These weird crustaceans are equipped with an extraordinary weapon: by clicking their claws, they generate a sound wave equal to 210 decibels, far superior to any rock concert. The impact of the sound pressure is such that it can stun or even kill small fish or crustaceans. A pet you shouldn’t mess with!

It is not the first time that an animal has been renamed with the name of the English band: a dragonfly discovered in Africa bears the name of Ummagumma, like the 1969 Pink Floyd album.

The Pink Floyd Shrimp Kills With Sound

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