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Memory Lane is Piano Prince’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is Piano Prince and their Album Memory Lane.

Memory Lane is Piano Prince’s Album

Are you ready for a different sound experience than usual?

The songs proposed by this talented musician are a journey to rediscover our unconscious.

These notes fell on me like the drops of spring rain and activated my nervous system which stimulated the neurons that created oneiric visions.

Piano Prince has the ability to transfer their deepest emotions into music. Few artists have these communicative skills.

You need to listen to Memory Lane more than once in order to savor all the harmonic nuances. It is to be sipped like a glass of aged whiskey … slowly to appreciate all the little details.

Piano Prince proves to have a great compositional experience behind them and their music tells stories as ethereal and light as the wind.

A magical experience that I recommend to everyone.

Memory Lane is Piano Prince’s Album Out Now!

Intense and Magical!

Memory Lane is Piano Prince’s Album

Piano Prince, aka Coco Schwarz, who uses they/she pronouns, is fascinated by everything that cannot be directly pigeonholed. They draw inspiration from the ambiguity of the universe and has set themself the task of transcending as many artistic, as well as social boundaries as possible. We sense this not only in Coco Schwarz’s gender identification as a non-binary person (meaning that they identify neither as a woman nor a man), but also hear it in their latest album “Memory Lane”.

Is it neo-classical piano music, or instrumental pop music? Where should “Memory Lane” be listened to? While travelling by train? Or rather as study music? What is the meaning behind the album? Coco Schwarz’s answer to these questions is simple: “Actually, none of that matters, my music doesn’t need any instructions or restrictions. As long as people like it, they can listen to it even while cleaning their car.”

Coco Schwarz had the idea for “Piano Prince” when they were 17. But the first time they really found time to develop the music further was during the first lockdown in 2020, when they were holed up in their studio house in Bannwil BE after several cancelled tours and projects. At that time, the virus had held the knife to the throats of all artists, themself included. On the one hand, Schwarz was struggling with the extent of the pandemic, but on the other, they found several months to throw themself completely into a new emotional creative process.

With the new album “Memory Lane”, Coco Schwarz wants to give sound to their longings for a more open society. They let the memories of daily challenges as a queer person living in Switzerland flow into their music and they hope to contribute to a new, more accepting, and less categorizing coexistence.

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