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Mermaids Live Session is Mythie’s Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands that we find around the web. Today’s featured artist is Mythie and her single Mermaids Live Session. This artist is capable of transporting you to a parallel reality.

Mermaids Live Session is Mythie’s Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Music

An ancestral journey that will be able to bewitch you. This tune made me think of this passage from the Odyssey:

“The sirens were famous for the beauty of their singing, which would lure sailors to their deaths. Ulysses wanted to hear their song, so had his crew lash him to the ship’s mast under strict orders not to untie him “.

This beautiful and irresistible song and the masterful interpretation made me feel like Ulysses.

Mythie has a complete and profound artistic vision. Her music lives in an ethereal limbo suspended between reality and fantasy.

Somehow the charming melodies manage to speak to your subconscious letting you know your true essence. Mermaids is a unique experience that stimulates your pineal gland and helps create oneiric vision.

The video accompanying the single is fantastic, the use of the Theremin adds an extra touch of magic to this fantastic song.

I was truly impressed with the wonderful world of Mythie. A mature and courageous artist who offers music of the highest quality.

Mermaids Live Session is Mythie’s Single Out Now!


Mermaids Live Session is Mythie’s Single | Edgar Allan Poets | Indie Music

With her cinematic, dreamlike work, Mythie is making her way through the alternative electronic music scene in France. Taking inspiration from trip-hop, electronic pop, and minimal music, the artist welcomes us into her poetical and mystical world. There, somewhere between dreams and reality, the listener begins an initiatory journey, in which by giving into the darkness, they might just find light.

Writer, singer, and producer all at once, Mythie is one of the “sound witches”, those who research music as much as they’re making it. As such, she likes to “fabricate” her own sounds, from instruments (kalimba, stylophone, keyboards, melodica…), that are then sampled, edited, and changed, as well as her voice, altered, multiplied, and passed through her machines. Always remaining curious, she constantly experiments, so much so that she sometimes surprises herself.

You may have seen her alongside famous French musicians: opening shows for Dominique A, or as a backing vocalist for Wax Tailor. She also worked in residence with Chapelier Fou, who helped her launch this solo project. Mythie is currently working on her debut EP, planned for next autumn. This will be part one of an introspective diptych, centered around animal guides.

This year, the artist also started an organization called Mermaids, helping to promote the work of women in production. She also plays and writes music for a show called Baby Pop, designed to introduce young kids to the joys of electronic music.

Find Mythie Here:


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