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Metal Ghost is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
another powerful song by Jane N’ The Jungle. Metal Ghost is just epic!

Metal Ghost is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single | Indie Music

This band doesn’t miss a beat, so far I have enjoyed all their songs.

The new single Metal Ghost winks at the 80s, a perfectly packaged hard rock, with a fantastic, haunted, and intense chorus.

I really liked how the song empties around minute 2 and then slowly begins to grow again and then explodes for the grand finale.

I will be repetitive but the singer always manages to find the right balance in her vocal interpretation. She never exaggerates but she is always present in the melody filling the words with meaning.

A bit like what happens to great actors. When they’re really good they don’t seem to act at all … they’re just natural.

Jordan White, the lead singer of the band, has a rock instinct that guides her in always taking the best interpretative solution.


Metal Ghost is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single Out Now!

Mature and Epic!

Metal Ghost is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Single | Indie Music

Metal Ghost was written on the night that Joey Jordison’s death was announced on July 27, 2021 and is our ode to Rock N Roll and its aesthetic. Metal Ghost is about following your muse and falling in love with the unknown. It’s about being lost and not wanting to be found. It’s a metallic attitude with an open heart. The Metal Ghost is in all of us, waiting to be set free.

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