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Mgk and Megan Fox Vampires in Love

Mgk and Megan Fox like to play with blood like two vampires in love.

When the famous couple shows up there is always a sinister halo around them. What if these two popular guys came from the afterlife? Many rumors said that they broke up but that’s not true. The two “bats” are still in love.

Mgk and Megan Fox Vampires in Love

In fact, it is known that Mfk and Megan Fox love to play with the Ouija board to recall ancestral spirits.

Blood and rituals seem to be part of their daily life. What appears to be just a game maybe has something more to unveil.

There have long been rumors of the existence of a dark side of Hollywood. Secret meetings where V.I.Ps, music, and movie stars gather to perform rituals of dubious morality.

Browsing the internet I found a video that made me shiver. Former Scorpions bassist Ralph Rieckermann, a legendary rock band of the past, reveals what he saw during one of these parties.

Who knows what is going on in the basements of the luxurious Malibu mansions

One thing is sure our famous lovers like to play with blood.

In fact, MGK has a necklace that contains a drop of Megan Fox’s blood. The romantic rocker has decided to wear this necklace to feel his loved one close to him even when he is on tour. Isn’t that romantic?

When they announced the wedding they drank each other’s blood … in short, the prerequisites for believing we are facing two vampires are all there.

Although this may just seem like a game that allows these guys to always be on everyone’s lips … what if all these weird stories were true? Like the ones, Scorpions bassist told us.

We see what someone wants us to see. But coded messages can always be transmitted. Everything happens before our eyes, we decide what to believe.

As Poe said, “all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream

Mgk and Megan Fox Vampires in Love

If you want to see a great music video about the dark side of Hollywood we recommend this one

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