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Minir Maad is Alec Berlin’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
This artist is here to entertain us again with his beautiful music, Minir Maadit’s time.

Minir Maad is Alec Berlin’s Album

For a musician who has collaborated with great artists and played on the biggest stages around the world, releasing music for his solo project becomes an experiment.

Alec Berlin has seen it all and knows commercial music deeply. It is evident that with these compositions he wants to create something different that stands out from the crowd.

This artist wants to suggest new sound paths and inspire us.

Minir Maad is a masterpiece, a sequence of beautiful, articulated, and refined songs. In each track, when you think you understand the mood, there is always some element that displaces you…in instability, you find equilibrium in the harmonic progression, even if there are many variations, is always well thought out.

The emotions that this music can give are many… tranquility, energy, and inspiration…all the songs contained in Minir Maad take you far and let your imagination fly. Notes are like stepping stones that allow you to reach heavenly heights.

The song that gives the album its title is a free ride in the desert and while listening to it I saw Mustang horses running free towards the sunset.


Minir Maad is Alec Berlin’s Album Out Now!

Intricate Perfection!

Minir Maad is Alec Berlin’s Album

“You are alone in the desert at sunset. You weren’t sure you’d make it this far. You’re not sure how much longer you can last. You know that a battle is imminent – against your enemies, against the clock, against Nature herself. If everything goes your way, you’ll make it home again. This is Minir Maad.

I make guitar-driven instrumental rock music that skews more towards song than shred.

I’m a 25-year veteran of the NYC music scene. I’ve played with Green Day, Rob Thomas, Elton John, and James Taylor. I’ve performed on stages ranging from small downtown clubs to Radio City Music Hall.”

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