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Mister M is LL Groove Band’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured band is LL Groove Band and their single Mister M.

Mister M is LL Groove Band’s Single

This band is really interesting. As soon as I hit the play button, Primus came to mind.

The compositional approach of LL Groove Band is experimental and avant-garde.

A sound that mixes Jazz, Soul, and Rap but with also rock nuances. The chord progression is intricate and the rhythmic and melodic variations are of absolute quality.

The bass sustains the rhythm of the song together with the drums and ventures into courageous and complicated melodic lines which never distract attention from the main melody of the track.

This music made me think of the streets of New York in the 80s. Surely we are faced with great musicians with a lot of compositional experience behind them.

Go and listen to them you will be surprised by the quality of their songs.

Mister M is LL Groove Band’s Single Out Now!

Innovative and Solid!

Mister M is LL Groove Band’s Single

LL Groove Band starts with Leon coming home from France to Ireland. There, he had his electric jazz quartet and was performing as a sideman too.

In Ireland, he first creates the LL trio (2018), more acoustic, with a piano and drums. It evolves progressively to a quartet with guitar instead of piano and a saxophone to play the melodies. But the ultimate plan was to have a rapper to embrace the hip-hop side.

The LL Groove band is born (2019): electric funk jazz tones, punchy rap, crazy improvised sessions.

We started playing a monthly at R.I.O.T bar and played other venues like the workman’s, Arthur’s, the homegrown festival and starting a new monthly at Bloody Mary’s right before the pandemic hit.

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