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Moonlight is Bryce Evans’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bryce Evans & The Black Cats unleash a potent concoction of influences on their EP, “Moonlight.”

Moonlight is Bryce Evans’ Ep Out Now

This band isn’t afraid to experiment, resulting in a refreshingly unique sound undeniably rooted in classic rock.

Evans, the mastermind behind the project, wears his rock heroes proudly on his sleeve.

“Stratosphere” showcases his willingness to push boundaries, with unexpected growls erupting amidst the hard-driving riffs, hinting at a flirtation with metal.

Evans keeps the listener on their toes, introducing quirky sonic flourishes that inject personality into this tune.

However, “Moonlight EP” isn’t all about bombast. The title track is a beautiful counterpoint, a twilight ballad revealing the band’s softer side.

This chameleon-like quality is a defining characteristic of Bryce Evans & The Black Cats.

While rock undeniably forms the foundation of their sound, they refuse to be confined by genre. They’ve carved out a unique sonic space that utilizes a modern compositional approach, setting them apart from the pack.

“Moonlight” is a love letter to classic rock and a bold step forward into uncharted territory.

Moonlight is Bryce Evans’ Ep Out Now!


Getting their start in Denver, Colorado, Bryce Evans has been playing for over 23 years. Bryce Evans & The Black Cats was born in Early spring of 2022 and blasted onto the scene in June of 2022. Early 2023, the band was booked to play the World Famous Whisky A Go-Go in Las Angeles, California among other dates on their summer tour! The band is now booked for the Mesa Music Festival in Mesa, AZ on April 20th of 2024 and will be announcing tour dates for 2024 soon.

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