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Mourning Pages is Scarlet Joy’s Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Scarlet Joy will entertain us with a full album. I’m ready for this experience!

Mourning Pages is Scarlet Joy’s Album

I think this is the right time for this band to release a full album.

You can feel that these guys have clear ideas on how to develop their musical vision. They created anticipation for Mourning Pages by releasing many singles before and getting people hooked by their sound.

The album follows a coherent and linear path. Listening to all these beautiful songs one after the other manages to better show you the sonic universe created by this band. It is as if the fog disappeared and I finally began to see the reality that surrounds me with their eyes.

Scarlet Joy gets into my blood and hypnotize me.

All the tracks on the album are solid, some I already knew but together with the others they become even more beautiful because they acquire a greater meaning … a bit like what happens with collective intelligence.

These tunes are building blocks that create a larger temple that before was invisible.

Fantastic Album that I recommend everyone to go and listen to!

Mourning Pages is Scarlet Joy’s Album Out Now!

Epic and Intense!

Mourning Pages is Scarlet Joy’s Album

The title ‘Mourning Pages’ was inspired by a daily practice I do recommended by Julia Cameron called ‘Morning Pages’ from her book ‘The Artists Way’ It is a practice I have been doing for years that gives me so much clarity and I wouldn’t be without it now, so much gets worked out on those pages. It seemed fitting to use the pages as inspiration for the albums title. To honour all that has been let go of, all that has been left behind, the loss of so many people, versions of myself, lovers, habits, mourning everything that these years have either taken from me or I’ve chosen to discard, it has all at some point gone through those pages. ” Sophia Woodcraft

‘Mourning Pages’ was recorded on location at Sophia’s Mums farmhouse near Spilsby by Phil Wilson. There are many wonderful memories & stories held in the walls of the house but also a hell of a lot of pain & sadness. To have been able to channel all that emotion from its actual physical roots made the recording a very intimate & ultimately healing process.

To record takes as a live band everything had to be separated, so the bass amp was in the cupboard under the stairs, vocals being sung in the kitchen, guitar amps in the bathroom & bedroom. It was so much fun & it was really great to capture the songs with that live feel & energy. I had to be creative with where & how to record, with the budget I had & Covid restrictions at that time but it turned out to be such a fantastic experience.


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