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Moving Forward is Vamoosery’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Vamoosery’s album, “Moving Forward,” introduces an intriguing sound that sets them apart in the rock landscape.

Moving Forward is Vamoosery’ Album Out Now

The band’s approach to rock is unconventional, featuring intricate melodic lines and unique chord progressions. Vamoosery showcases not only technical skills but also a musicality that goes beyond the ordinary.

Sheridan’s vocals are a standout feature, offering a solid vocal timbre that effortlessly reaches paradisiacal highs. Sheridan’s vocal control adds depth and emotion to each track, contributing to the overall dynamic of the album.

The guitar work by James and Joel is great, displaying a mastery of their instruments. The creativity in their playing contributes significantly to the band’s distinctive sound.

The rhythmic section, driven by Kevin’s precise kick designs and complemented by Rich’s bass, is tight and well-coordinated, providing a strong foundation for the band’s sonic exploration.

Vamoosery’s debut album boasts a collection of fantastic songs, showcasing their ability to craft quality compositions.

Despite being a young band, their professional approach is evident, reflecting a commitment to their craft.

The album’s title, “Moving Forward,” is fitting, signaling not only the band’s musical progression but also their potential for growth in the industry.

“Moving Forward” is a declaration of Vamoosery’s musical identity and shows their capacity to deliver quality songs.

Moving Forward is Vamoosery’ Album Out Now!


Moving Forward is Vamoosery’ Album Out Now

Forging a distinct blend of progressive alt-rock/pop alongside impactful messages, Vamoosery are far from your ordinary band. With enchanting female-led vocals, soaring guitar solos, and dynamic compositions, they evoke a blend that others have described as reminiscent of the likes of Evanescence/Paramore infused with progressive rock sensibilities.

The journey began in 2012 when they hit the stage for a “battle of the bands” competition under the name “Go.Rebuild.” Since then, they’ve been on a relentless quest to craft songs that are not only catchy but musically rich and diverse.

In 2015, the band marked their presence as Vamoosery with an original 5-track EP, now exclusively available at live shows. The following year saw the release of their anthemic take on traditional Christmas song, ‘O Holy Night’; and their popular single, ‘Running,’ debuted in August 2017, cementing their presence in the local rock scene.

Vamoosery embarked on their inaugural UK tour in 2018, and remained active during Covid-19, releasing lockdown sessions and a Christmas EP, all the while working steadfastly on their highly-anticipated album, ‘Moving Forward.’ A Kickstarter campaign was launched for the album’s release, raising an impressive total of £4,555, during which they unveiled their two new singles, “Archaeologist” and “Pieces,” accompanied by music videos.

After years of anticipation, overcoming setbacks, and unwavering dedication, Vamoosery since released two further singles ‘You Are Always Near’ and ‘Listen’ before the release of their 10-track debut album, “Moving Forward,” on November 3rd, 2023! The album is now available on all your favourite streaming platforms, offering a glimpse of the incredible journey ahead.

Vamoosery isn’t just a band; they’re a force of artistic innovation and a source of inspiration. With their upcoming album on the horizon, they’re poised to take you on a musical odyssey like no other. Stay tuned.

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