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Mutant Goat Born Worshipped Like A Divinity

An Indian Local, Mukeshji Pajapap, was stunned when a goat with human facial features was born at his place. The owner himself initially revealed the news by posting the video on social media.

Mutant Goat Born Worshipped Like A Divinity

The images and videos of this strange beast went viral as soon as the owner shared them on social media in Rajasthan, India. People saw the goat wagging its tail and stumbling around in the video.

The villagers were initially perplexed by the strange animal. Its facial structure is similar to that of an old, grumpy man. Now, the people in Nimodia are claiming that this strange-looking goat is an avatar of God, and they will worship the goat.

Reports say, “Mutated animals are common in India.” The majority of them believe they are a symbol of God.” Experts, however, find it a case of Cyclopia that can occur to humans or animals. It is an unusual congenital disorder in which genes that produce facial symmetry fail.

Born a few days ago, this little youngster has caught the attention of Indians. It has got eyes and a mouth similar to that of humans. Notably, scientists concluded that the animal was not the product of a demon hex but a genetic mutation.

Dr. Agapita Salces of the Institute of Animal Science at the University of Philippines also Stated that this certainly could be the result of genetic mutation.
Likewise, another similar case was reported back in 2017. In India, a goat was born whose nose was quite like a human nose. Another case took place in Bardhhaman district West-Bengal, where a mutant cow was born.

People started worshipping the cow, and after a period of four months, it died. Indians regard the goat as a holy and sacred animal. Other animals considered sacred by Hindus include cow, elephant, snake, and monkey.

Well, many such cases took place previously as well. A goat gave birth to two still-born kids on Monday. It happened at the Solapur hamlet in H.D. Kote taluk in Karnataka. These goats had everything similar to that of humans except the ears and feet.

However, such rare cases do take place, and there could be some scientific reasons behind them. It is the result of sheer ignorance that people start worshipping them as Gods. Historically, there have always been contradictory remarks when it comes to science and superstitious beliefs.

Mutant Goat Born Worshipped Like A Divinity

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