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Neon Love is A.P. Michaels’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Artist is A.P. Michaels and his single Neon Love.

Neon Love is A.P. Michaels’ Single

The first thing that struck me about this artist is the magnificent voice.  An ethereal and magical vocal timbre that manages to take the listener to heaven.

It’s not easy to find such voices around. The greatest quality of this artist is the ability to express through his songs the deepest emotions hidden in the maze of his soul.

You are enchanted to listen to the sinuous melody of Neon Love like a cobra in front of its master.

A.P. Michaels is a great artist with a bright future ahead of him. The compositional and interpretive qualities are of the highest quality and the attention to every little detail is obsessive.

An artist that I expect to see at the top of the charts very soon.

This a nice discovery that I recommend to everyone

Neon Love is A.P. Michaels’ Single Out Now!

Mature and Intense!

Neon Love is A.P. Michaels’ Single

Quote: “Neon Love” was written in a tumultuous period of my life, at the apex of my frustration with romantic pursuits. I was tired of the all too often unrequited, imbalanced, or abusive relationships I had found myself in and I needed to use a Blues Rock influence to encapsulate that slow build.

It’s rhythmic and steady, and makes you think that everything sonically will be okay. But as the track evolves so does the intensity of the production and vocals. I liken love in this track to a neon sign, something that, while beautiful and enticing, leaves the all too eery radiant hum beneath its appearance. It’s moody, it’s cathartic, it’s full of energy. I hope to be an artist that is unbound by genre; there are so many toys in the box right now and I’m just enjoying everything in my reach. I hope to test my versatility with my upcoming chamber pop single “communicate.” and my upcoming 2023 album “NIGHTVISION” of which both aforementioned tracks will make an appearance.

I think music is ready to be more than appealing to one demographic or market because as streaming has popularized so has availability of music and taste. I think I’m coming up in a really exciting time in music and I have big ambitions that start with tracks like “Neon Love.”

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