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Nervous is Smoke Spider’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Smoke Spider they are tireless and today they return with a new single called Nervous.

Nervous is Smoke Spider’s Single

The wild and instinctive approach of this band is also confirmed in this song.

The initial riff actually creates a tension that stimulates your nervous system which sends electrical impulses that activate every part of your body.

This tune charges you with peculiar energy, while you listen to it you feel capable of doing anything.

While I was listening to it, I imagined myself running through the streets of New York undoing my tie and shouting to the world I’m Nervous.

This song unleashes your wildest instinct, the one that allows you to truly be yourself. Nervous makes you throw off the mask.

Is always a pleasure to listen to Smoke Spider, their songs never disappoint because you feel that this duo has a passion for composing songs and making the world listen to them.

Nervous is Smoke Spider’s Single Out Now!

Wild Ride!

Nervous is Smoke Spider’s Single

Nervous. The seventh single from the Smoke Spider camp. Catchy and uptempo, with that signature feeling for melodies and cool sounds. Produced by Johan Granat.

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