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Neve Campbell’s Next Movies | Scream 5

Neve Campbell continues to amaze fans around the world and there is fantastic news for horror movie lovers. The shooting of Scream 5, which in the cast includes the presence of the beautiful Canadian actress, has just ended and now the film is in post-production.

Neve Campbell’s Next Movies | Scream 5

That of Scream is added to the successful film sagas. Now in the fifth chapter of the Franchise, Ghostface returns to theaters to haunt Sidney (Neve Campbell) in a new maelstrom of terror and blood.
The film series that began with Wes Craven’s film ‘Scream now has millions of fans around the world who are eagerly awaiting to find out what the future of the (historical) protagonists will be.

Like Halloween and Nightmare, Scream becomes a product that continues to work over the years, despite many ‘horror’ competitors.

Ghostface, now the symbol of the Scream saga, returns for a new chapter to terrorize the city of Woodsboro and to hunt down Sidney Prescott. Scream 5 is the direct sequel to Scream 4; ten years after the last film, the director Matt Bettinelli-Olpin wants to show us what happens starting right from the end of the last film.

Neve Campbell’s Next Movies | Scream 5

The cast of Scream 5 will see the return of the old “senators” of the saga, joined by new faces. It is certain that David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Roger L. Jackson, and Marley Shelton will return to play their original roles.

The release date for Scream 5 is January 14, 2022. The producer and distributor of the film is Paramount Pictures.

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