Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Next Last Drink is TruckerBomb's Single
Next Last Drink is TruckerBomb’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
One of the most important qualities of this band is that it manages to transport you to a different musical world every time.

Next Last Drink is TruckerBomb’s Single

Listening to their concert live must be a priceless experience as many different emotions are triggered by their songs.

This time Next Last Drink takes us to one of those Middle American ghost towns where groups of renegades meet in the bar to drink and play pool.

The musical arrangements and interpretation make you breathe the desert and while listening to this tune you feel like you have some sand in your mouth.

Troy Richardson and his band have this great gift… creating images before your eyes with their music. For this reason, I think their songs would fit perfectly as movie soundtracks.

TruckerBomb always amazes the listener with its music.

Next Last Drink is TruckerBomb’s Single Out Now!


Next Last Drink is TruckerBomb’s Single

The music of TruckerBomb takes a dash of dive-bar grunge and mixes it with the up-tempo swing of honky-tonk. Los Angeles isn’t known as a hotbed for Americana, but that doesn’t stop TruckerBomb from doing their thing. It’s just a matter of time before one of their songs gets dropped into a film soundtrack.

Growing up, singer-songwriter-bassist Troy Richardson spent many summers in South Dakota. Compared to his Minneapolis home, it felt like the wild west. Even though he’d go on to spend most of his time playing in rock bands, he never forgot the vibe of those truck stops and diners that cranked up classic ’70s country. Inspired by that experience, and the southern rock of the ’80s that threw a little bit of every style into the mix, he formed TruckerBomb to bridge alt-country and Americana with alternative and hard rock.


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