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Next To You is Katie Drives’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Katie Drives in the past but she is back now with a new cool song and I want to share my opinion about it.

Next To You is Katie Drives’ Single

Since the first time I listened to this artist’s music, I was struck by the energy that her songs unleash.

An alternative rock that besides being catchy also talks about interesting topics. Lyrics that many people can relate to.

I couldn’t find any flaws with the Next To You, the production and interpretations are professional. The voice is solid and intense and I think Katie Drives is on the right track to be successful.

Her determination and professionalism demonstrate a desire to stand out of the ordinary, characteristics that only belong to great artists.

I liked the nostalgic vein of this tune and the rhythmic cadence that pushes from beginning to end.

I feel like reconfirming Katie Drives and recommending her music to everyone, as she always offers quality songs.

Next To You is Katie Drives’ Single Out Now!

Deep and Intense!

Next To You is Katie Drives’ Single

The title “Next To You“ sounds like a love song but the song is actually about something very different: It describes the rollercoaster of appreciation, self-doubts, envy and feelings of guilt when comparing to others. Whether on social media or among your own friends, sometimes you see people who seem to be flawless: prettier, smarter,more talented, more successful, more popular, kinder. And next to them you can’t help but feel bad. A topic with which many young women and girls in particular can identify.

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