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Night Stalker is 1st Base Runner’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
this prolific artist entertains us today with another sonic journey.

Night Stalker is 1st Base Runner’s Ep

I’ve been following the adventures of 1st Base Runner for some time, I immediately liked his style and every time there are new songs I’m always curious to go and experience the emotions they will give me.

Night Stalker is a fantastic, atmospheric and intense Ep.

This artist manages to blend insights a la John Carpenter and his scores, with details of other genres that made me think of Prodigy, Massive Attack, Bjork and Radiohead all mixed together.

The result is unique, a musical product to listen to with the light off to allow the sound to work on you.

1st Base Runner is like a shaman who wants you to have a meditative experience. Although Night Stalker’s vibes are dark and sometimes even create a sense of instability this music is not here to challenge you but wants to stimulate critical and creative thinking that allows you to reach a better version of yourself.

Listening to these songs comforted me on a subconscious level.

Night Stalker is 1st Base Runner’s Ep Out Now!


Night Stalker is 1st Base Runner’s Ep

Following a prolific string of 4 EP releases, all within a 2 year stretch, 1st Base Runner returns with his 5th EP “Night Stalker”, and it’s easily his darkest and most cinematic work yet. Ambient, experimental, and downright spine-chilling, this is the vital sound of an artist following his own muse with no compromise. Lock your doors and kill the lights before exploring this visceral collection.

Massive synths swallow the listener in this brilliant electronic release from Austin, Texas based producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Husmann of the 1st Base Runner project. ‘Night Stalker ‘ pulls you into a surreal landscape full of masterfully crafted tension, release, and longing. As a concept EP, it towers over other releases in unapologetic fashion. The accompanying music video, directed by industry giant and long-time Radiohead creative director Dilly Gent (Son&Heir Productions), is equally enchanting in its deceivingly simple delivery. Refreshingly distinct, 1st Base Runner continues to elbow his way through the jam-packed airwaves. Known for pushing genre boundaries, this enigmatic artist is quickly creating one of his own.

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