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No Eyes In Paradise is Skar de Line’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Skar de Line in the past but this artist is back with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

No Eyes In Paradise is Skar de Line’s Single

The immense creativity of this artist is confirmed again with this new tune.

Both the video and the musical dynamics of this song are fantastic.

The reference to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper gave me goosebumps. Skar de Line is an artist with something to say. His songs are not only professionally produced but also carry a profound meaning.

The arrangements are modern and honestly have nothing to envy the songs that dominate the charts around the world.

Skar de Line does things perfectly and his determination and tenacity will lead him to achieve great results.

This song leaves us with the hope that there is something more out there for us.

It is difficult to find artists who have such a complete and mature musical vision.


No Eyes In Paradise is Skar de Line’s Single Out Now!


No Eyes In Paradise is Skar de Line’s Single

No Eyes In Paradise is the third chapter in Skar de Line’s autobiographical suite of music. Big choruses and orchestral elements are paired with hard-hitting beats to make up his biggest and most grandiose song to date. The small human noises of the two previous tracks have now grown to a full choir, which fills the room with eerie echoes.

The lyrics ask questions such as: If we do well, but no one saw what you did, did it really happen? If your life work is something that the world does not care about, what is your life worth? And are there any limits to what we can’t do to get that attention, that worth? All this comes from his mind and his internal struggle with his own nihilism, and the urge to understand himself.

Picking up right where the last music video left off, we now follow Skar de Line into the paradise he created, a magnificent yet empty space that no one sees. Throughout the video, he recreates and inhabits some of the most renowned works of art throughout history, including renaissance paintings such as The Last Supper (Leonardo Da Vinci), The School Of Athens (Raphael), and Saint Jerome Writing (Caravaggio). Paintings that, while being very influential, also brought up ideas of humanity and questions of wanting more. The hero’s journey terminates with the main character stepping out of his painted paradise with the realization that this isn’t enough and that out there, there is something more.

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