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No Ties To The Morning is Kill ‘Em Charlie’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Kill ‘Em Charlie in the past but they are back with a new Ep titled No Ties To The Morning and this is what I think about it.

No Ties To The Morning is Kill ‘Em Charlie’s Ep

It makes me very happy to listen to a whole Ep from this fantastic band.

Listening to their songs one after the other allows you to immerse yourself completely in their musical universe.

The new Ep No Ties To The Morning is a wild ride. The atmosphere is crepuscular and in some moments recalls the Zombie films of the 80s.

This is the strength of this band mixing different vibes and making them coexist in a solid and catchy sound product.

Kill ‘Em Charlie bet on the single Sundays Unwell to promote this Ep but I have to say that all the songs are intriguing.

Perhaps my favorite is Ciao Bella, I really liked the bass sound which reminded me of Krist Novoselic. In this tune grunge, punk and alternative create a superb sound blend.

Note the intensity these guys put into their performances….truly contagious.

Absolutely reconfirmed, a band with a great future ahead of them!

No Ties To The Morning is Kill ‘Em Charlie’s Ep Out Now!

Intense and Superb!

No Ties To The Morning is Kill ‘Em Charlie’s Ep

Kill ‘Em Charlie are a five piece indie rock band who hail from Cork, Ireland.

The band consists of Eoghan McGuigan (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Sheehan (Backing vocals, Guitar), Patrick Kirwan (Guitar), George Broadbank (backing vocals, Guitar) and Damon Walsh (Drums).

Since forming the band have played shows in Cyprus Avenue in Cork, Dublin’s Whelans and Valley of Arts Festival in Tipperary.

With a reconfigured line up, they released their debut EP I Hope This Works for You (‘Cause it Does for Me) in October of 2020. The band’s ethos is “if we think it, we can write it”.

Each song on their debut EP shows a different side of the band’s personality as they want to get across how versatile they are with their sound and song writing attitude. The band’s previous releases are a glimpse into their foundations and their influences. Their inspirations include the likes of Kings of Leon, Fontaines DC, Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand.

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