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Not Dead Yet is Moose Wrench’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Diving headfirst into Moose Wrench’s album, “Not Dead Yet,” I found myself immersed in a psychedelic journey that offers a complete and satisfying musical experience.

Not Dead Yet is Moose Wrench’ Album Out Now

The opening track, with its spoken introduction leading into a wild crescendo, sets the tone for the entire album, showcasing the boundless creativity and possibilities that define this band.

“Ginnel Dick” stands out with its captivating cadence and an irresistibly pressing rhythm that keeps the listener hooked. The track shows Moose Wrench’s ability to craft music that not only grabs your attention but also refuses to let go.

“Don’t Let Me Down” takes a deeper and more intense turn, highlighting the vocal versatility of both the singer and the band. The baritonal vocal interpretation is fantastic with nuaces that reminded me of Crash Test Dummies.

“Not Dead Yet” brings a cool metal vibe with no strings attached, embodying the rebellious spirit of Moose Wrench. The entire album is a fantastic showcase of the band’s unapologetic approach, demonstrating their indifference to societal expectations.

These guys are forging their path, following their unique vision without caring for conventional norms.

Not Dead Yet is Moose Wrench’ Album Out Now!


The whole album is about minor daily things that piss average aging people off, men in particular, probably. Silly stuff done seriously.

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