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Not Like The Others You Know is Quizboy’s Ep

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Quizboy in the past but he is back with a new Ep and I want to share my opinion about it.

Not Like The Others You Know is Quizboy’s Ep

The rough and sharp sound proposed by this talented artist is reconfirmed in this Ep.

I appreciated his compositional style since the first time I heard his music. Quizboy is an instinctive artist… you feel that with these songs he is sharing the depths of his soul.

Not Like The Others You Know is an Ep that also shows us other sides of his personality, I was struck by the song that gives the title to the Ep … totally unexpected. An experimental song that shows how Quizboy’s artistic vision is very articulated and broad.

In fact, this track seems more theatrical and moves away from the grunge vibes of the other two tunes included in the Ep. I think this variation creates a lot of curiosity around this musical project, as one realizes that this artist has many ideas and that he will continue to amaze us.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

Not Like The Others You Know is Quizboy’s Ep Out Now!


Not Like The Others You Know is Quizboy’s Ep

Quizboy · Quizboy – Not Like The Others You Know

Almost a full year since the last release, “Bella,” Quizboy returns with an EP and teases an upcoming album currently still in production, slated for early 2023. Released as a 3 track EP on Bandcamp, one song is a cover song of the Decemberists which ran into distribution issues making it a stand alone single on streaming services.

The A side, “Not Like The Others You Know” is a song about putting your foot down against narcissistic abusive behavior. The B side, “Brave a Storm” is a song about suicide in which the lyrics were purposefully written to be interpreted from either perspective of someone who is suicidal, or someone who is in care of someone suicidal, attempting to demonstrate that both parties share common pain in the experience.

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