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Now is the Time is boci’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to boci and her single Now is the Time. I found her music on Spotify and I was attracted by her voice.

Now is the Time is boci’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

The musical universe created by this talented artist immediately intrigued me.

Her style made me think of the wonderful movie La Belle Verte. A modern and futuristic compositional approach but at the same time ancestral, which seems to carry the message of mother nature.

The love for Gaia of boci is evident and this beautiful song and the video reinforce her artistic vision.

We are faced with a mature artist who offers coherent and well thought out music. Honestly, I have found no flaws with this musical project.

The production and interpretation are excellent and above all boci was able to create her sound. Unique music that lives in a limbo of its own, delicate and magical like the leaves moved by the wind.

Her vocal timbre is ethereal and creates a mystical aura around her songs. An artist to follow carefully as she has clear ideas about the message she wants to communicate to the public.

Now is the Time is boci’s Single Out Now!

Sincere and Unique!

Now is the Time is boci’s New Single | Edgar Allan Poets

boci (pronounced bocky) is a violin looper and singer-songwriter based in Bristol, UK. After 5 years of playing in local music projects, boci is releasing her first solo album. She incorporates the life-affirming soul of celtic folk into a contemporary, alternative/indie-pop sound weaving together dreamy guitar-lead grooves and meandering, ethereal violin/vocal melodies. boci’s lyrics transmit messages of inner healing, compassion, self-empowerment, connection to nature and the oneness of all beings.

Now is the Time is the third and final single from her debut album which is set to be released on 31.08.22.
boci wrote this song at the beginning of the first UK lockdown, when the world came to a halt. The song is an expression of the fear, excitement, grief, anticipation and the many other juxtaposing feelings that arose during this unprecedented time. boci collaborated over FaceTime with Bristol based singer-songwriter Pearl Love to arrange the intricate vocal layers that build into an almost apocalyptic wall of sound at the end of the song. Now is the Time brings together boci’s love of dance music, trad folk, and indie pop to create an uplifting and unique sound world. It will be released with a music video, filmed in local nature reserve ‘Leigh Woods’, co-directed by boci and Alex Wilson of Brass Hand Films.

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