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Obsidian Storm is Vroni Magenta’s New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Vroni Magenta and their Ep Obsidian Storm. I found this duo on Spotify and I liked their musical vision.

Obsidian Storm is Vroni Magenta’s New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets

The enigmatic style proposed by this duo fascinated me a lot.

The atmospheres created are mysterious and crepuscular. A romantically dark universe that manages to hypnotize the listener.

We are certainly dealing with musicians with a developed musical taste. The melodic progression and the attention to every slightest nuance make this sound modern and unique.

The compositional maturity of Vroni Magenta is enviable.

Their music would be perfect as the soundtrack of some science fiction movie or video game. Try to imagine a scene from Dune that has this music in the background … just perfect.

Honestly, I found no flaws in this musical project, the production and the vibes created have bewitched me.

A duo that I will continue to follow with a lot of interest as they produce high-quality music.

Obsidian Storm is Vroni Magenta’s Ep Out Now!

Mystical and Mysterious!

Obsidian Storm is Vroni Magenta’s New Ep | Edgar Allan Poets


Vroni Magenta: the exhilaration of interstellar flight; the slither of roots emerging from the soil. A haunting, bone-juddering chorus that defies all attempts to encompass it. Crystalline and compelling; a sound that coalesces ancient memories with glimpses of a distant future. At times, a slow-motion march through a temple’s sanctum; opulent, but shrouded in shadow, with a precious moment awaiting your arrival at its core. At others, a hushed whisper that stalks the borderlands of your perception. This is Vroni Magenta: a sonic journey refracted through a prism, and one that will make you question what music means to you.

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