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O’DREAM is Clay Joule’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Clay Joule in the past but this artist is back with a new single and I want to share my opinion about it.

O’DREAM is Clay Joule’s Single Out Now

An important song with a deep meaning.

A tune that wants to support the dream of the Ukrainian people… a song for love and freedom.

O’Dream’s The Song Of Prophacy’s melody is delicate and touching.

The guitar solos seem to scream like Ukrainian families, who proudly continue to resist. The guitarist in this song is Ukrainian and he recorded his part while his town was bombed by the Russians.

Unfortunately, the world is going through a very sad time and it’s nice to see how Clay Joule wants to contribute with his music to do something about it.

Music has always been able to bring peace and this song with its message will do that magic.

Clay Joule proves that he is not only a great songwriter but that he has a big heart.

O’DREAM is Clay Joule’s Single Out Now!


O’DREAM is Clay Joule’s Single Out Now

This week, Ukraine President Zelensky is visiting key EU nations. He delivered his message by addressing the UK Parliament as well as attending a special session of the European Parliament and received strong support by the EU delegation to further fight for freedom of Ukraine.

If you could go back in time to when the conflict first broke out on February 24, 2022, everyone predicted a speedy defeat by the Russian invasion. Everyone in Ukraine was devastated, and the international press was all reporting on the fragile and awful events taking place in Ukraine’s cities. The majority of European countries did not demonstrate full support and assistance, only a few showing full support after the late summer of 2022.

Clay Joule, a singer-songwriter, wrote O’Dream at his farmhouse studio on the final weekend of February 2022. O’Dream is a poem-like song that delivered a secret message regarding Ukraine’s fate, both during the conflict and thereafter, which is becoming clearer now that the war has been ongoing for a year. Joule composed and produced “The Song of Prophecy” by mesmerizing the Ukrainian people’s power as well as the dream that all Ukrainian citizens shared and hope of entering the European Union.

Alex Gusinsky, the Ukrainian guitarist for O’Dream, in early March 2022, he was invited by Joule to compose the guitar part for the track while his homeland in Ukraine near the Russian border was under siege and his apartment building was heavily demolished. While Russian forces dropped bombs on the neighboring streets, Alex stood firmed and continued his guitar take.
Alex exhibited no fear and finished the recording while remaining calm until they were forced evacuate from their apartment building, which was in risk of collapse.

How did Joule know that the conflict in Ukraine would last and turn Ukraine into a global military hero against its neighbor’s tyranny? If you watch the O’Dream’s music video, you’ll see that there were hints everywhere that foretold the majority of what transpired since the conflict began. Although O’Dream was not formally released on May 11, 2022, but its press release and YouTube video were long delivered during the April in 2022, while everyone still felt that this war would be short-lived and Russia would easily take Ukraine. That was not what happened at all. Surprisingly, it was given as though the future had already been determined much like the phropet song of O’Dream by Joule.

Untill now, the war has still not ended yet. Ukraine is not a part of the European Union either. Will they prevail just like the O’Dream video or will they fall out? Let’s wait and see how O’Dream “The Song Of Prophacy” prevails in the end.

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