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Odyssey – November 17th

Good day Noir Family,

We are pleased to announce that on November 17th our new single “Odyssey” will be released. “Odyssey” is a powerful rock song dedicated to Ulysses and his journey home after the fall of Troy.

We all are like Ulysses, we are traveling around searching for something, hoping to find our “Ithaca” one day, where to settle down and let our demons rest in peace.

Sometimes life will bring you storms and sometimes it will cheat you with mermaids and fake joy but if you are strong enough to follow your path, in the end, you will find not only joy but finally real “Happiness”.

Will Ulysses reach Ithaca in our song?

Well, we are Edgar Allan Poets and so you should know that we are not big fans of happy endings but maybe this time…maybe this time….

Here the preview of “Odyssey” cover

Odyssey Edgar Allan Poets

“Abyssus Abyssum Invocat ad Infinitum”

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