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Once is The Lunar Keys’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
ONCE by The Lunar Keys is out now, join me in this musical experience.

Once is The Lunar Keys’ Single

This song is magical, the airy and hypnotic atmosphere immediately intrigued me.

Knowing that the band all played together in one room to record it creates a special feeling. It is very difficult to record live if there is not a great musical understanding. These guys are a single cohesive and solid entity connected by music.

The musical arrangements, as usual, are well thought out and coherent and once again demonstrate the great compositional skills of the Lunar Keys.

I must say that the artistic choice of recording live in my opinion is absolutely right, it added something more to the meaning of this song.

This melody truly encompasses life and the various emotions that each of us faces. Once‘s descriptive capacity is out of the ordinary and speaks directly to the listener’s unconscious.

Once is The Lunar Keys’ Single Out Now!



Once is The Lunar Keys’ Single

For their last 3 releases, The Lunar Keys put their little money where their big mouths are – in support of good causes: ‘Silent Ricochet’ aided the arrival of 600 trees (and counting), whilst ‘Stop This’ and ‘Oxygen Type’ raised money for the charities Nordoff Robbins and Oxygen respectively.

The release of ONCE will continue this Lunar tradition, but this time – in recognition of your support – “we’re offering you the chance to recommend a charity. So please feel free to e-mail any suggestions to hello@thelunarkeys.com. We will choose a beneficiary from the entries and support it with £1 for each of the first 250 reviews or airplays that ONCE receives”.

Recorded by Billy Foster at Snap Studios and mastered by John Davis (The Killers, U2, Royal Blood) at Metropolis, the song charts everyone’s journey from the loss of innocence to finally facing your fears with others and beyond.

ONCE is not a love song, it is a life song.

Life can be so complicated – innocence is overrated – ONCE you see the light – from the other side.

It is also the first song the Lunar Keys recorded whilst all being together in Snap’s epic live room.

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