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One Rule is Ruiz!’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,

Ruiz! is unstoppable and this time entertains us with a new tune called One Rule.

One Rule is Ruiz!’s Single

This new song by this eclectic artist amazed me.

The vocal interpretation and the effects used on the voice are fantastic. This voice made my skull vibrate and sent me into a catatonic state.

I started watching the video footage as Malcolm McDowell did while playing Alex in A Clockwork Orange.

Ruiz! always manages to venture into musical paths never walked before and always tries to raise the bar.

In my opinion this is his most successful song, they are all beautiful but in this one the artist seems to have reached an even higher artistic maturity.

I think the work done with the vocal interpretation is something to focus on for future songs as well.

10 out of 10!

One Rule is Ruiz!’s Single Out Now!

His Music is Always a Gift!

One Rule is Ruiz!’s Single

It’s a song inspired by Borris’ behaviour during lockdown, the parties at Number 10, the holidays, the lies etc, but also with my Catalan blood and the troubles caused by lack of freedom historically and presently in the world, it’s a A middle finger to narcissists, corrupt leaders and governments. At the end of our days on planet earth, we are left with only our souls. If yours could be recycled, would it be worth anything?

Indeed, this joie de vivre, this raw energy that Ruiz! harbours is evident across ‘One Rule’ and indeed across his previous singles. These recordings are both elegant and modern. Written during the pandemic’s peak, Ruiz! focused on his music, creating DIY soundscapes in which the quality is consistent. Compositions are smart, hooks are contagious and choruses are catchy.

Find Ruiz! Here:


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