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Open The Door is Silverbird’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s featured Band is Silverbird and their Single Open The Door.

Open The Door is Silverbird’s Single

This band offers a fascinating sound that is certainly inspired by the legendary rock of the past but which at the same time includes very modern nuances.

Open The Door is a beautiful ballad, impeccably interpreted by the singer who managed to give the right sweetness and intensity to his performance.

The musical arrangements are well thought out, I appreciated the sound of the guitar that responds to the voice with simple but effective phrasing. The solo sounds like an ancestral cry that touches the listener.

The vocal line is very catchy and manages to speak to the heart and soul of the listener.

You feel that Silverbird plays with passion and has managed to create an enviable musical understanding.

Open The Door is a good song, no doubt about it. A band with a clear musical vision that offers quality music.

Curious to hear what they will be able to compose in the future.

 Open The Door is Silverbird’s Single Out Now!

Solid and Sweet!

Open The Door is Silverbird’s Single

The roots of Silverbird are widespread and lie between singer-songwriter, rock, folk, pop and heavy metal. From this diversity the band has created a unique style with a high recognition value.

Catchy melodies and songs with heart and soul are signature features of the band. The lyrics are about dreams, big emotions, about dayly struggle and longings and tell stories from the journey through life.

Initially the EP “Fly Into The Light“ and then the Single “Too Late” were pure studio projects. At this moment Silverbird was a solo project of the singer and songwriter Otto Steiner. The recordings were made in collaboration with studio- and guest musicians and were presented by different radio stations. After that he took to the road and was looking for spirit brothers he could continue this project with and present the songs live with a new livery. Unexpectedly he found old friends on the way and so finally the band was complete in its current band lineup:

Otto Steiner: Lead vox, e – and a – guitars, mandolin Roland Römer: Bass, percussion, backing vox Lothar Jackel: Drums, percussion, backing vox

Open The Door is our latest. Four more songs are currently in production.

Find Silverbird Here:


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